May 9 - Services 3.3 for iOS

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A new Message Center, push notifications for all emails, team texting, email templates, and sorting options make this one of our biggest updates yet! There's so much to share about the new stuff, we'll save the usual punny business just for the fixes section at the end.

MESSAGE CENTER (for everyone)
If you infrequently check email, you can now use the Services app to stay informed with more push notifications, and the new message center.

  • Message Center. Use the bell icon at the top of My Schedule or the left sidebar to get your messages.
  • Notifications for All New Emails. If you enabled notifications, you got them when new plans needed you to accept or decline. Now you can also get notifications for the scheduling email itself, or any other Services email, to see any customized message from your team leader. Change this from settings.
  • Unread Messages. The bell icon gets a yellow dot when you have unread messages. Viewing the message in the app or even most popular email programs will mark it as read. You can also mark any message as unread.
  • Badge with unread. The app badge number can include unread messages (along with pending requests). Change this from settings.

TEAM TEXTING (for schedulers)
Start a group text from Services and then follow up from the Messages app, like any other group text.

  • Team Texting. When emailing, switch to the Text tab, write your message, and when you hit send you are switched to Apple's Messages app with the recipients, message, and plan link ready to hit send. The initial message is also recorded in Services' "Sent Messages".
  • Add mobile numbers. The text tab shows if any recipient doesn't have a mobile number and lets you quickly add it, without have to leave the page.
  • Phone Number Key. Your team might not have each other's numbers to know who is responding to a group text. Include a phone number key to show the last 4 digits of each recipient's number.
    Text My Next Team Shortcut. If your device supports 3D touch, press firmly on the Services icon and select "Text My Next Team" to open the app directly to your next plan, ready to text people in My Teams.

ALSO NEW (for schedulers)

  • Email Templates. When emailing, choose email templates you've created on the web. Though the app does not have a formatting toolbar, if your template has formatting, you can add to it.
  • Sorting Options. Sort the People tab by First OR Last name. Sort Songs, Media or People ascending or descending.

FIXES (mostly for everyone)

  • Signup Sheet Times. If a Signup Sheet allows signing up for multiple service times, they're now in the right order. Sorry, we thought you wanted chron-illogical. Hour bad.
  • Back button accessibility. If Button Shapes are enabled in Accessibility settings, the back button now works consistently. Now that it's fixed, we're never looking back, though ironically it's easier if we want to.
  • Order of Services remembers time column option. If you choose to view a specific Service Time instead of item lengths, that column choice is remembered as you go to other plans. Need to share those times with someone? Just pick up your phone and call-umn.
  • Song Key Headers are now capitalized better, turning "BB" into "Bb". The second letter was too big so we flattened it.
  • SongSelect Files now import for alternate keys. Select a song from SongSelect, but it was wrong the files you'd get. Now if you choose an alternate, you'll finally get what you expect.
  • Last Login tracking. Logging in or opening the app now updates the "Last Login" timestamp correctly. We are going to charge you one cent each time this happens though, a feature we're calling Penny Logins.

Enjoying the Services app, or even the update notes? We really appreciate App Store reviews! If you have any issues, make sure to use the app's Help button at the bottom of the sidebar so we can respond.

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