Set Up Teams & Positions

All scheduling works through Service Types, Teams, and Positions. Positions belong to Teams, which belong to Service Types.

Check out the video below to watch us set up teams and positions or follow the steps below to set up your own!


To add teams, go to the Service Type where the team should exist and select the gear next to Teams to add, edit, or delete teams for the Service Type.

edit teams on service type

View any teams listed in the Service Type and take any actions to make changes.

From here, you can add new teams, or edit your existing ones
  1. When you expand a Team, you can see the positions within that team.
  2. Use the envelope to email all members of the team, the pencil to edit the team, and the minus sign to delete the team entirely.
  3. Select add or copy a team to create a new team in the Service Type.

When you choose to edit or add or copy a team, you'll be taken to the Teams Page, which holds Team Settings and members. The Team Settings defaults are set to be used for any team, so you shouldn't need to make changes to them.

Once you're on the team page, you can add your positions and members.

From the Members tab, view all members, team leaders, or members within their specific position.

  1. Select the name of the column to reorder the people listed.
  2. Select a position to be taken to a list of its members.
  3. Email everyone in the list.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders are responsible for each team. Each Team Leader has the option to receive blockout notifications as well as scheduling acceptance and decline notifications.

Go to the Team Leaders tab to add or remove people and manage their notifications.

  1. Add Team Leaders by selecting Add Person and entering their name. If a person is already in your account, select them from the list. If not, create them by selecting Create A New Person and following the steps.
  2. Hover over any existing Team Leader and click the red minus to remove them.
  3. Choose which Team Leaders receive emails when people from this team accept, decline, or block out dates. 

If you add a Team Leader whose permission is less than Scheduler, they will be promoted to a Scheduler for that Service Type only. Since Team Leaders can receive Decline emails with the option to reschedule people, they need to be a Scheduler. 

It is possible to downgrade a Team Leader's permission to Viewer or Scheduled Viewer, but they will receive a permission error if they try to reschedule from a decline email.

Reschedule After Declines

When a person declines a scheduling request, a needed position is created for someone else to fill that spot, and decline emails include other people assigned to that position to quickly and easily reschedule someone else.

Rescheduling from the Decline email

Once a Scheduler chooses someone else to fill that needed position, they'll be taken to the plan and see a notification.


If another Scheduler tries to fill that position later, they will also be taken to the plan but will receive a different notification.

cannot reschedule

If additional needed positions exist, the second Scheduler will be able to schedule another person without an error.

Assign People

To put people in Teams, assign them to specific positions within the Team.

If your team is a Tag Team, the list will be populated based on the Tags you select.

  1. Change or enter the name of the position by selecting it.
  2. Assign people to this position by selecting Add Person and entering their name. If a person is already in your account, select them from the list. If not, create them by selecting Create A New Person and following the steps.
  3. If the member doesn't set their own preferences from their profile, Schedulers can set preferences for how often each team member wants to serve by hovering over the preference and selecting the pencil. When you are scheduling, you'll see warnings if you try to schedule them outside of their preferences, though you are free to ignore those warnings.
  4. Remove people from the position by hovering over their name and clicking on the red circle
  5. Email the people in this position or completely delete this position.

Once you add a person, you'll see this team and position listed in the Teams section of their profile.

Before you start scheduling, you need to assign people to Teams. Many other features rely on properly setting up your Teams. You can take a guided tour, check out our video, or read below to see how to assign people to teams.

Now that your teams and positions are assigned, you're ready to learn how to schedule your teams.

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