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The easiest way to manage your volunteers and your scheduling is through teams. After setting up scheduling templates, you can schedule team members to a plan and send them notifications about their upcoming schedule.


If you have Scheduler permissions, you can only schedule, auto-schedule, email or set up teams for which you are a Team Leader. You can ask your Administrator to give you Team Leader permissions for teams that you want to schedule.

This article covers the most common way to schedule teams. Check out other scheduling methods if you want to schedule multiple teams a time, set up automatic scheduling, schedule large groups, or enable signups.

Before scheduling a team to a plan, you need to create the plan and the teams that you want to schedule.

1. Add People to a Template

Templates allow you to set up different scheduling options. You might have one, or you might have multiple templates based on team rotations.

To add a new template to a Service Type, click the gear menu for your Service Type, and select Templates.

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To create the template:

  • Click Add Template.

  • Add a title for the template.

  • Press Enter to create the template.


In the Teams tab, click Actions. You can select Add People to schedule people directly to the template or Needed Positions to add needed positions that you can fill each week.


2. Schedule People

Now it's time to schedule people to individual plans. Go to an existing plan or create a new one.

In the Teams tab, click Actions, and select one of the following:

  • For new plans, click Import Template to import the template you created. Once it's imported, fill needed positions.

  • For existing plans, or if you aren't ready to schedule people but know how many you will eventually need, click Needed Positions.

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You can also schedule individual team members and guests to a plan.

3. Send Notifications

Once you've scheduled people, it's time to email them to notify them that they have been scheduled.

Click the Send button to send scheduling emails to the team.



People who have an envelope icon next to their name cannot see the plan in their schedule until you send the scheduling email.

Other Scheduling Methods

Here are some other available scheduling methods:

  • Matrix - The Matrix shows you many plans side by side. You can use the Matrix to schedule weeks or months at a time.

  • Auto-schedule - If you have set up your needed positions, you can have Services automatically complete your schedule, avoiding any conflicts or blockout dates.

  • Large Groups - Learn how to schedule an entire group that is not part of a team. You can schedule the whole group to one position, or you can schedule each person to different Positions.

  • Signup Sheets - Enable Signup Sheets for teams within your plans to allow people to sign up for any of their needed positions.

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