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This article is an overview of how to create teams, assign team members, and schedule team members to plans.

Check out the video below to watch us set up teams and positions, and then see the overview of the process below for more details. 


1. Create or Copy a Team

  • First, create a new team, and add any positions that you need for the team. You can also copy team settings from an existing team to create a new team.
  • Next, you can edit team settings.
  • If you have one team that you want to have available to serve at different times, create a split team so that you can assign members to different times.

2. Assign Team Members to Positions

You will not see your team on existing plans until you schedule people.

3. Set Up Scheduling Templates

  • Templates allow you to set up different scheduling options. You might have one, or you might have multiple templates based on team rotations.
  • You can also add needed positions to a template so that you can fill them for each week accordingly.

4. Schedule People

Once you've assigned people to your teams and set up templates, it's time to schedule people to individual plans.

Additional scheduling methods include:

  • Matrix - Schedule more than one plan at time.
  • Auto-Scheduling - Automatically fill in needed positions based on when people were last scheduled.
  • Large Groups - Schedule a large group of people to one or more positions.
  • Signup Sheets - Allow users to schedule themselves to positions.

If you run into conflicts when trying to schedule people who have blockouts or other scheduling issues, see the article on Scheduling Conflicts and Blockouts for tips on how to deal with these.

5. Send Notifications

Once you've scheduled people, it's time to email them from a single plan or the Matrix to notify them that they have been scheduled.

People who have an envelope icon next to their name cannot see the plan in their schedule until you send the scheduling email.

Congratulations, you've successfully created and scheduled your first team!

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