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The My Teams filter helps schedulers more quickly get to teams they are responsible for in some way, which is especially helpful to easily hide Teams you are not responsible for. Any Team listed in the Teams section of your profile will show in My Teams. In order for a Team to be in My Teams, you must be assigned to that Team either as a Team Leader or as a Team Member, or the Team must be a Related Team.

Every Team has one or many leaders. Each leader has their own email preference for when team members accept, decline, or block out dates. They can also choose to not receive any emails at all and simply be added as a Team Leader because they're responsible for that Team in other ways.

To make someone a member of a Team, assign them to a Position within that Team from the Team Settings or from the person's profile.

If your team is set up to assign people using tags, switch to the Details tab to add the correct tags.

After clicking Add, type the name of the position to assign them.

In order for a Team to be in My Teams, you must be officially assigned as a leader or member as described above. However, if you're looking at My Teams from within a plan (from our mobile apps), we will also show any Teams you are just scheduled to. This means if you're not actually assigned to a team, but you are scheduled as a guest, for that plan you'll see the Team in My Teams.

My Teams is currently available in the following places:

Mobile Apps

In Services version 3 and above for Android and iOS, when you go to the Teams tab within a plan, there are tabs at the top to show you All Teams scheduled to that plan, or just My Teams.

Services Mobile My Teams
The People Page

The People page has filters at the top, with a default Teams filter set to My Teams. Viewers are unable to remove this filter and can only see My Teams. Organization Administrators can choose to require this filter for higher permissions, too.

You can quickly filter the People page to see anyone belonging to Teams selected in My Teams. There are buttons to quickly switch between teams you lead, or teams you are on.

Teams Filter
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