Apr 3 - Services 3.2 for Android

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Here's the latest on our last few updates to Android v3.2

v3.2.7 (Apr 3)
- Schedulers, in addition to tapping + or -, can now edit Needed Positions by simply typing numbers.
- Schedulers can quickly edit a single needed position with a long press.
- Other minor design in performance improvements


v3.2.5 (Mar 29)
- YouTube attachments now play in the Media Player, if the YouTube app installed on the device
- Once a Signup Sheet is viewed in the app, the "NEW" badge is now properly removed
- Schedulers can see the "+" add person button again on the People page
- Crash fix for some issues logging in with 1Password
- Fixed a problem with contact buttons being disabled for some team members, when they did have contact info

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