Mar 21 - Services 3.2 for iOS

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Today we released a new version of Services for iOS that includes YouTube support in the Media Player, and easier ways to edit Needed Positions. Here's what has changed.


  • YouTube attachments now play if you're on iOS10 as long as the Media Player is on screen. If a cashier says, "enjoy your meal" and you reply, "you too!", just change it to "You too...b was just added to my favorite app!" Embarrassment avoided. You're welcome. 
  • Schedulers, in addition to tapping + or -, can now edit Needed Positions by simply typing numbers. Hey, it's less work than typing Deuteronomy.
  • Schedulers can quickly edit a single needed position with a long press or a force touch. Cool feature but do not tell your Jedi friends this is how you've chosen to use the force.


  • When cancelling from adding a blockout date, we now ask if you're sure so you don't accidentally lose your work. You take a vacation and clock out, responsibly enter a blockout, but oops you hit cancel, the near loss substantial, we're now spared the threat of your knockout.
  • The Dashboard wasn't updating when you confirmed a pending request for a split team. It tried to deny it, but finally made this dashboard confessional. 
  • Fixed an issue with email addresses not saving when adding new people. Now that they're saved, are they always saved? #TooDeepForUpdateNotes
  • When removing individual people from email recipients, the filters would reset. (Sorry, we tried to come up with a filter joke, but didn't want to strain ourselves.)
  • Once a Signup Sheet is viewed in the app, the "NEW" badge is now properly removed. We're sorry for contributing to fake "NEW"s.

Enjoying the Services app, or even the update notes? We really appreciate App Store reviews! If you have any issues, make sure to use the app's Help button at the bottom of the sidebar so we can respond.

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