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If you have been scheduled to a plan but the notification has not yet been sent, we no longer show that position at the top of the plan. A scheduler needs to send the notification, or remove a prepared notification before you can see it.


At the top of every plan, we show you if you have been scheduled to that plan.


On your dashboard, we show you all plans you are scheduled for.


We allow schedulers to plan out many weeks of their schedule before notifying their teams. They can schedule the next two months, and once it all looks good, then they send out the notifications. While they are still in planning mode, the team can not see those plans in their My Schedule. This is accomplished by using "Prepared Notifications."

When someone is added to a plan, Planning Center prepares a notification by default. Anyone with an email icon next to their name has a notification prepared and can not yet see the request.


Nicole can't see this request yet.

Until today, when a person had a notification prepared, we did not show that in My Schedule on the dashboard, but we did still show it at the top of the plan. For most people (with Scheduled Viewer permissions), this wasn't an issue, because they couldn't even get in to those plans in the first place.

However, for users with higher permissions (Viewers and up), it was confusing. They would not see the plan on the dashboard, but if they browsed into a plan they happened to be scheduled to but not notified, they would see that at the top of the plan, and they could hover over it and accept or decline it.

Now we're hiding unconfirmed requests with prepared notifications everywhere, including My Schedule and now the top of plans. A Scheduler will need to send the notification or remove it, and then it will show in both places.

Confirmed Requests with Prepared Notifications

If you have a request that has a pending notification, but is somehow confirmed, at the moment, these DO show on the dashboard, but they do NOT show at the top of plans. Eventually, these requests will not show anywhere, since the point of Prepared Notifications is to keep them out of My Schedule completely while still in planning mode.

However, rather than remove these from everywhere all at once, we've decided to make the transition easier by removing them from the least disruptive of the two places, the plan. This might bring this issue to light for people who might not understand how it works, cause them to read this article or contact support, and know how to fix it for the future.

Disabling Prepared Notifications

If you don't like this concept, and you want your Team members to be able to see their requests the instant you add them to a plan, you can edit your Team defaults, and make sure notifications are not prepared. This does not automatically send an email, you would still need to do that manually as usual, but if they people log in, they would be able to see the request in My Schedule.

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