Mar 3 - Widescreen Chord Charts

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Last month we added some small changes to chord charts to allow you to change the color of chords and set default formatting options. Today we're augmenting those features with some new page and font sizes.

If your team reads chord charts off of a TV screen, either by wirelessly AirPlaying from Planning Center Music Stand or by connecting your device to a TV directly, you'll now be able to fill the screen perfectly with Planning Center Chord Charts. Click the formatting button at the top right of the Chord Chart editor, and change your page size to either of the new options, Widescreen (16x9) or Fullscreen (4x3). 


When you choose either of these page sizes, we automatically change the orientation to Landscape to save you the likely click. If you change the layout to 2 columns and increase the font size, you can get sheet music that's easily readable from a TV screen.

Speaking of font sizes, we added 22pt to fill the gap between 20 and 24 and give more control of your text. We also added the new page sizes and font size to the Default Formatting options on the site settings page, so an Organization Administrator can change them for all charts at once!

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