Mar 6 - Services 3.1.2 for iOS

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Faster launch, support for bigger fonts in places, and other small fixes and stability improvements.


  • Dynamic type, phase 1. My Schedule & the Plan Summary now respect larger font sizes set from Settings > General > Accessibility. We'll support more pages over time. Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.


  • Faster app launch. The app remembers what page you were on and launches faster by disabling the animated splash screen. We fixed that in a gif. #divisivepronunciationpun 
  • New Signup Sheets show first, and if you have more than 1 row, tap "Show More" to show those secondary sheets. They've gone undercover. 
  • Tapping a link to a plan from other apps will now open it in the Services app. We thought that was the APPropriate action.


  • My Schedule shows the service time for Split Teams even when you're only assigned to 1. Sorry for that 1-time exception. 
  • The Blockout Reason field won't be hidden under the iPhone keyboard anymore. We shouldn't have called a field Blockout Reason and then be surprised when the app blocked out the reason field.



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