Feb 21 - Services 3.1 for iOS

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We've got a ton of fixes, a bunch of improvements, and some brand new mobile features in 3.1. And it's only the beginning.

(Missing our fun update notes? Don't worry, they'll resume when there's not already so much to read!)


  • Saved Login Info. We now automatically save your login info unless you turn it off.
  • Item Note Importing. Add a song to a plan and if you've done it before with notes, you'll be asked if you want to import those notes. 
  • Excluded Item Times. Items that only happen in one service time, like a Baby Dedication, can now be excluded from other times. Tap the item and then change "During All". 


  • Viewers can select and copy info from plan items.
  • Deep links. Text message shortlinks now open in the app. 
  • Calendar subscription link no longer includes blockouts. 
  • Past plans Schedule. When viewing previous plans, you'll now see if you were scheduled for them. 
  • Auto-Skipping files. If you use Attachment Types to assign files to people, the media player will still show Viewers files not assigned to them, but now they'll be skipped by default. 
  • Media items in a plan show an M icon.
  • Long item titles now wrap to multiple lines if needed. 
  • Newer videos will start to play sooner. 
  • Length Column Title. Change the order of service length column to a Service Time and the column header title shows that time. 
  • Columns viewed in the Order of Service will be remembered as you switch plans. 
  • Confirm Cancellations. If you make changes to a plan item and cancel, you'll be asked to confirm. Don't lose your work or your mind. 


  • Plan item custom sequence. Plan Songs now show the song Sequence correctly even if you've customized it just for this plan. 
  • Searching Songs by key description works again. 
  • Various display & permissions fixes. 
  • Contact Info Crashes.
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