Feb 14 - Chord Color & Style Defaults

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Planning Center's Chord Chart creator lets you make chord charts online, and then transposes them instantly to any key! Your team members can download these as PDFs or use them in Planning Center Music Stand. Today we're adding some new options for styling your charts, most notably, chord color!

When you're editing a chord chart, you can click the Format button at the top right to view the formatting bar. When that bar appears, you'll see a new option for Chord Color which does exactly what you think it will do.

So you want to change the color on all your chord charts at once? We've got you covered there, too! We've converted the black Chord Color and the unofficial previous default options for Columns, Font, and Font Size into official defaults. Now any Organization Administrator can go to the Site Settings page and change the default options, and any charts using those defaults will be updated.

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