Feb 13 - Transpose Audio Direction

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Transposing audio files is a great way to allow your team to play or sing along in the actual key you'll be doing a song. When you transpose audio, first you set the original key, and then which keys you want to transpose to. When you click transpose, we automatically choose to transpose up or down based on which direction has less half-steps. This should theoretically produce higher quality results.

Sometimes, however, your original file already skews high or low. For example, if you have a female vocal that is already kind of high, going even higher can at times put you way too far into chipmunk territory, driving your team nuts.

Today we pushed out an update that allows you to choose the direction of the transposition. When you choose your keys, we give you the default direction based on the least number of half-steps, but you are now free to change it.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to preview the transposed audio, so you might want to let it transpose your file the default direction, listen to it, and then decide if you'd like to do it again.

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