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If you have teams that require volunteers to go through a background check before serving, you can make these teams secure to ensure that only people with cleared background checks can be scheduled.

Check out this video on Secure Teams, and then read the article below for more information.

Background Checks for Secure Team Members

In Planning Center, background checks are set up through Planning Center People in one of two ways:

  • Integrate with our partner Checkr to order background checks directly from Planning Center people.
  • Manually set background check status if you want to use your own provider or if the person is a minor. Anyone under 18 who you want to serve on a secure team, must be assigned a manual background check that expires on the day they turn 18.

If you need to set up a background check, reach out to an Organization Administrator to adjust your People permissions or clear tagged people for you.

Once the background check statuses are set to Clear, people on Secure Teams can be scheduled to plans.

Create and Schedule a Secure Team

After creating a team,  make the team secure by checking the Secure Team box in the Team Settings

team settings

When a team is set to Secure, a badge icon shows next to the team name.

You can assign people to the team whether or not they have cleared a background check.  But only people who have a cleared background check can be scheduled.

In the All Team Members tab, people who have a yellow badge next to their names have missing background checks, and they can't be scheduled until they have a cleared background check on their profile.

Once background check statuses are set to Clear, people can be scheduled to plans.

What happens when background checks expire?

If a person is already scheduled to a plan and their background check expires or a new background check fails to clear:

  • The person will still remain assigned to plans that they were scheduled to.
  • You will not be able to schedule people with expired or failed background checks to future plans.
  • The background check administrator will receive an email so they can personally follow up with the person or any other team leaders.

It's usually best for a team leader to speak to a person with an expired or failed background check in person and manually remove them from any positions they have been scheduled to.

You can use list automations to stay on top of checks that are expiring.

Secure Team Scheduling Messages

When you  import a template or schedule teams, any people on Secure Teams who don't have a cleared background check will not be imported to the plan, and needed positions will be created instead.

importing creates needed positions

If you try to schedule an individual for a Secure Team, you'll see a banner with a shield in the conflict section, and Save is disabled.

If you try to schedule a team member, the person without a cleared background check will have the shield next to their name. Since the person in this example does not have a clear background check, they cannot be scheduled for this Team.

schedule gray out
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