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Stability, Style, & Speed. Services 3 has been almost completely rebuilt and now includes a split-pane iPad interface, too! Don’t worry, we didn’t stop there. We knew data could sometimes get out of sync, so we totally rebuilt how we get and sync data so that it is more reliable and even faster than before. We’ve also refreshed the design and added some great new features! It’s the biggest update we’ve ever done and sets the stage for us to continue to add more & more capabilities that exist on the full website.


  • My Schedule: If you are requested for multiple positions in one plan, you can now accept or decline them all with one tap, or use the Split button to respond separately.
  • Blockout options: All blockout recurrence options available on the web are now in the app, including yearly blockouts.
  • Day of the Week for Times. Most places where a time is displayed, we also show its day of the week, each day of the week getting its own consistent color.
  • The Account menu at the top of the sidebar has been redesigned to function like the main website. We’ve moved the log out button there as well.
  • All users can now go from a plan to your previous or next plan, even if that plan is far away.
  • The Today widget counts down to your next upcoming Service or Rehearsal, and lists upcoming plans in your schedule.


  • Skipped songs in a playlist now sync across all devices and the web.
  • You can now pause or resume a song directly from the mini player.
  • Hitting the back button while in the first 7 seconds of a song now skips to the previous song.


  • Dashboard includes a toggle in the toolbar for “My Schedule” and “All Plans” making it much easier to switch between the two and know where you are.
  • When browsing to a Service Type with no future plans, you’ll see the most recent past plan.
  • My Teams: Hide teams you aren’t involved with by toggling from “All Teams” to “My Teams”.
  • Edit Sidebar on Tablets: Editing something slides out a right-hand sidebar, and still allows you to tap the left to change items quickly.
  • Import Templates to schedule groups of people quickly.
  • Team Member Contact: When you tap a person scheduled to a plan, the header includes buttons to email, call, or text them.
  • More live updating: More screens in the app update live when changes occur on other devices or by other people.


  • Plan Art & Title: If a plan doesn’t have Series Artwork, we generate a header image to add some color and give you a place to enter a Plan Title.
  • Order of Service: View item notes as a column and in tablet view, expand it to full screen.
  • Adding Items: Tap the new + button and then tap or even drag item types to add them to the plan.
  • Services LIVE quick view: On the actual day of your Service Times, a button for LIVE will appear in the header of your plan.
  • LIVE chat notifications: If you exit the app with Services LIVE open, you’ll receive push notifications for any new chat messages.


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