Setting Up a Children's Ministry Service

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This article provides some examples of how you might want to set up your services for your church's children's ministry. The steps are the same for any ministry, but the following examples will give ideas on what to do specifically for children's ministry.

Service Type

The first thing to consider before creating a Service Type for your children's ministry is whether or not you are going to include a service order.

Without a Service Order

If you aren't going to plan an order of service for your children's ministry, you can create one generic Service Type for the children's ministry and just add teams for all your different ages and classrooms

With a Service Order

If you want to plan an order of service for each class, make a folder called Children's Ministry, and add multiple Service Types for each of your ages and classrooms, including special events such as Vacation Bible School.

Team Setup

If your church requires background checks in order for people to serve with kids, make the teams Secure Teams, which require background checks for team members to be scheduled.

You might also want some Tag teams so that a generic set of volunteers can serve in multiple locations.

For example, if you have a group of people that can check kids in at any classroom, add a Check-In tag. Add the Check-In position to any of the teams, all linked to that one tag.


There are a variety of ways that you can set up templates for children's ministry.

The following example shows an example of an Elementary Children's Church with three separate grade level classes.

  1. Helper and teacher volunteers are assigned for each class position.
  2. Check-In/Check-Out volunteers are shared among the classroom.
  3. An order of service that's shared across all classrooms is included.

Once your template is set up the way you want, you can import it into a plan.

Files and Curriculum

If you have resources for your teams, such as curriculum, songs, or scripts, you can create a media file, attach your supporting documents to the media file, and then attach the media item to a plan for people to access.

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