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The Dashboard shows you two options: "My Schedule" and "Plans"

The Planning Center Services Mobile App is available only on iOS and Android.

"My Schedule" will only show you plans that:

  1. You have been notified via a scheduling request
  2. You have confirmed for by choosing, "Accept"
  3. Are available for Signup

My Schedule

View all of your available signups, Unconfirmed plans, and Confirmed plans, each with its own section of "cards" for each plan.

Confirming Requests for Multiple Positions

Quickly confirm any plans you have been requested to by tapping "Accept", "Decline", or "Accept All".

If you have been requested for more than one position, you can choose "Accept" to confirm for both at the same time, or "Split" to confirm them separately.

Confirming Requests for Multiple Times

In some cases, the team your are scheduled to gives you the option to accept a position at one or more Service Times, such as 9am and 11am. You can tap, "Accept or Decline" (as shown in the image above), to specifically accept & decline certain times (as shown below).

Signup Sheets

Tap "Sign Up" to be scheduled to any available positions. Your administrator/scheduler must already have assigned you to that team's position first in order for you to sign up for it.


View your upcoming plans by navigating through your Folders and Service Types.

All Plans you are confirmed for will have green tags on the left, and Plans you are unconfirmed for will have yellow tags on the left.

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