Media Player

If you have access to audio files, at the footer of any plan is a Media Player button. Tap that to open the full screen player. The media player is built with lots of features designed specifically to help church musicians learn their music most effectively.

The Planning Center Services Mobile App is available only on iOS and Android.

Full Screen Player & Audio Looping

Tap the loop icon at the bottom right of your screen. Once you enable looping for a track, you get handles at the beginning and end that you can drag to any position in your song to have playback continually loop that section.

To enable looping, first make sure your song is selected, and then tap the looping button at the bottom right. Then just drag the handles. When you enable looping for that song in the future, the app even remembers your custom looping positions.
(Depending on your device, looping may not be supported while your screen is locked, or when you have left the app.)

Mini Player

When you exit the full screen player, you get a mini player that sits on top of almost everything else in the app. Tap the mini player to get back to the full player or swipe left & tap the x to close it completely.

Skip Songs in Playlists

To mark a file as skipped, just swipe it to the left. Once you see the green Skip label fully appear, you can stop swiping. Your song will bounce back into place, briefly reveal a checkbox to show it was successful, and the file name will be grayed out. When playing your plan, it will skip over that file and play the next enabled track. To unskip it, swipe left again.

This feature is especially smart, because songs you've skipped on the website's media player will automatically be skipped in the app, and songs you skip in the app will then show as skipped on the web!

Download All Files

Rehearsing music usually means listening to the same songs multiple times. The old media player already saved files the first time you listened to them so you didn't have to download them again, but the new player makes this even more convenient. If you know you'll have bad reception later, tap the Download All button ahead of time and avoid having to download each song manually. Plus, the Download All button only downloads files that aren't marked as skipped.

Your audio files are downloaded & temporarily stored (cached) in the app until 30 days after the date of the plan it was used for. However, you can manually remove files that you've downloaded, if you need to free up space on your device. See this article for more on managing cached files.

Album Artwork

Once a file is downloaded, you'll now see its album art. Tap on the artwork thumbnail to view a large version, which is especially helpful in figuring out what artist and album it's from. Artwork for the playing track also becomes the blurred out background for the full screen player and is shown in other places, like the mini player. 

Loading Another Plan's Playlist

If you have loaded the player, then opened the media player for another plan, you'll see an option to load that new playlist instead.

Playing YouTube Videos

If you've linked YouTube videos to your song arrangements, can play them in the Media Player when it's in full screen mode. Once you go to the Mini Player, leave the app, or lock your phone, videos will not be able to play. As your playlist moves from an audio file to a YouTube video, you'll hear a notification indicating that you'll need to open the app to play it, then it will continue playing the next audio file in your playlist. (NOTE: This feature is only supported for devices with iOS 10 or higher)

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