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Services LIVE has several settings that you can enable before or during the service, including embedding a video stream, setting countdown options, and changing the lighting. You can use LIVE from Services web or the iOS or Android mobile app.

This document has instructions on setting Services LIVE viewing settings. For information on using Services LIVE see Using Services LIVE.


Only Editors and Administrators can control LIVE by default, but other people can be given control from Service Type Settings. Viewer and higher permissions can use chat.

To get to LIVE, click the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the plan, and then click the Live button.


On the iOS or Android mobile app, tap Services Live.

plan_Services LIVE.png

To add video or change the view, countdown, or lighting settings, hover your mouse over the top of the screen to access the toolbar. In mobile, tap the dropdown arrow.

view options_numbered.jpg

See the sections below for information on how to use these features.

1. Add Video

Integrate Services LIVE with any paid Ustream or Livestream streaming video channel or YouTube or Facebook Live to see live video in Services LIVE. Only Administrators can set up video integration, but all users can see the video feed once it's set up.

Adding video can only be done on the web app; video settings are not available on the mobile app.


Livestream and Ustream don't allow embedded videos at their free level. You'll be able to get an embed code, but when you click on the play button in Live, you'll be directed to their site to watch.

Expand the sections below to see how to copy the embed code from each service.


On your LiveStream video page, copy your embed code by clicking </> Embed, which will take you to the code.

livestream embed.png

Highlight and copy the embed code.

livestream embed code_box.png


Go to your video stream share button in the lower right, and then click the < > embed icon.

USTREAM embed.png

Click Copy to Clipboard.

USTREAM embed code.png

Facebook Live

Go to your video stream on Facebook, click the upper-right of the post, and choose Embed.

facebook embed.png

Highlight and copy all of the code to your clipboard. Do not check the Include full post box.

facebook embed code.png

YouTube Live

Go to your video stream on YouTube, click the Share button under the video, and choose Embed.

youtube embed.png

Highlight and copy all of the code to your clipboard.

youtube embed code.png

Add Embed Code to Services LIVE

Once you've copied your embed code, go back to Services LIVE, hover your mouse over the top of the screen to view the toolbar, and click the arrow next to the video icon.


Paste the embed code into the white box.

paste embed.jpg

Click Save and your video stream is enabled.


You can add your live service and Services LIVE feed to nurseries, so volunteers can see how much service is left:

  1. Add embed code.

  2. Copy permalink.

  3. Paste link in browser.

2. Change the View

Hover your mouse over the top of the screen, and choose the second dropdown menu to change the view of the device. In mobile, tap the dropdown arrow.



To advance to move to the next item in one of the countdown views, use the arrow keys on a computer or swipe on a mobile device.

Countdown Full

This view is great for speakers to easily see how much time is left. It shows only the main countdown and the estimated time service will end.

While in Countdown Full view, there are three different countdown modes, which will change the big countdown number but not the small service end estimator.

countdown full.jpg

Countdown Lower

This view is great for churches that use live video to be shared elsewhere on campus like the nursery. By default, the screen will be green which allows you to use a live video mixer to replace the green with your video. If you already have a stream, you can add the video, and the green will be replaced with your streaming video.

countdown lower.jpg

Lower Third

This is nearly identical to Countdown Lower except instead of a countdown, your Current and Next items are displayed. When combined with the video, this makes a great view for lobby/foyer displays.

lower third.jpg

Fullscreen Overview

As with the Countdown Full view, the focal point of this view is the countdown. However, this view adds a Now and Next view, which is helpful for the speaker to lead in or introduce the next item or speaker.

fullscreen overview.jpg

3. Change the Countdown

Hover your mouse over the top of the screen, and select the third dropdown box to change the countdown. In mobile, tap the dropdown arrow.

countdown options.jpg
  • Full Item Length: The countdown will start with the time of the item and count down to its full set item time.

  • End Item on Time: The countdown will start based on what time the item needs to end.

  • End Service on Time: The countdown will start based on what time the service needs to end.

4. Change the Lighting

Hover your mouse over the top of the screen and choose Light or Dark.


In mobile, tap the dropdown arrow and tap the sun icon or moon icon.

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