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When you have information to communicate to your team about a plan, your two options are to: 1) email it to them, and 2) add it to a Plan Note.

Most of us stick to email, and then the information is only ever accessible in that email. Taking that information and putting it into a Plan Note is a great way to keep everything in one place. However, the tricky thing here is that since everyone can see all of the notes in your plan, you can end up making that Notes section noisy and difficult for teams to find which ones are for them.

Well, fear not, for we have good news of great joy! Now you can assign teams to notes to filter out notes for other teams.

Assign Teams to Plan Notes

When you are creating a note in a plan, you will now see a new "Assigned Teams" section, where you can add the teams you want the note to be for. 



Assign Teams to Note Categories

Not only that, but Administrators can make sure new notes are auto-assigned by editing Note Category settings. From the Service Type Settings page, you can edit each Note Category and assign a team. Any new plan note you create will automatically have that team assigned to it.



Filter Notes for Your Team

In the Plan, the Notes section of the sidebar now has an option to filter the notes by the teams they are assigned to. You will always still see notes that do not have a team assigned to them.



PLUS: See Your Notes in the Church Center App and Web

If your teams use Church Center to see their schedule, the Plan Detail screen will also show notes assigned to your team, in the "My Notes" section.


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