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If you schedule teams at your church, you probably find it helpful to use the Matrix to view your currently scheduled people and needed positions across multiple weeks. But, what if you could also have a way to see any team or position, regardless of whether people are scheduled to them yet? You can now, with this brand new option called, "Show All Positions".

Show All Positions

From the Column View menu, choose from the list of teams to add their positions into the Matrix, which can be helpful to you in TWO ways:

  1. Showing positions for a team that has no one scheduled to it and no needed positions yet. This will allow you to schedule people to them, add needed positions, and do other team-related tasks.
  2. Some teams may not have anyone scheduled to a particular position. Once you show all positions, you can drag a person over to a position that had not been previously visible.

No more hide-and-seek!


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